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Here's what some of my lovely clients had to say...

Met Tina today at Head 2 Heal Therapies, she is an amazing lady, I had a full body massage it was the most relaxing therapy I have ever had. Beautiful treatment room and very reasonable cost. Will definitely be returning. Thank you Tina.


Had a lovely appointment with Tina last night, reiki, was sceptical at first, not sure what to expect, but it was amazing and a very surreal experience, very relaxing and feel very energised today. Had amazing reflexology and facial massage as well. Thank you Tina.


Last night with Tina I had a 2 hour treatment which included a full body massage, reflexology and reiki, it was amazing. She is very thorough, kind and patient and very knowledgeable. Feel amazing today. I would recommend her 100%, thank you Tina!

Dacia, Addiscombe

Not long after the opening of the East Surrey Macmillan Cancer Support Centre, in February 2016, Tina became part of a valued team of complimentary therapists providing oncology massage and reflexology to clients and appropriate treatments to their family members and carers. Tina has been a dedicated volunteer therapist at the Macmillan Centre until December 2020, providing much needed oncology therapies to our clients. We received postive feedback about Tina's proficiency in her field of oncology therapies, some clients requested to see Tina again and again, whenever there was availability. We were fortunate enough to have had the holistic support provided by Tina. We appreciated her natural empathetic calming and soothing nature, her awareness of the needs of others, Tina always treated our clients with kindness and compassion. From a personal point of view, I have also enjoyed Tina's upbeat personality and positive attitude in all that she does. We would welcome Tina back to the Macmillan Centre with open arms!

Sue Munn, Acting Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support Centre, East Surrey Hospital

I've experienced reflexology, Indian head massage and lymphatic drainage massage from Tina, all treatments are wonderful and so relaxing. Tina is lovely, she's very caring, calming and has a warm and friendly persona and is extremely easy to talk to! From the minute you enter you can feel the weight lifting from your shoulders. Since having breast cancer in 2018 (now fully recovered). I have found Tina's treatments to be beneficial she is very knowledgeable. I'm glad our paths crossed!

Debbie, West Wickham

Having had several reflexology treatments over the last couple of years, I can honestly say that Tina has given me the most relaxing and healing treatments. Highly recommend and always book the next appointment when I leave so I can look forward to it.

Shona, South Croydon

For my clients' testimonials and feedback on the gentle yet powerful benefits of ScarWork therapy please click on the link below to take you to the page

I have had reiki with Tina a few times now as I have been having various health issues and awaiting tests, therefore I had been extremely anxious and stressed. I had never had reiki before so wasn't sure what to expect. The energy and warmth from Tina's hands was so powerful. During my treatment I felt a sort of release of pressure which made me feel lighter with a feeling of relief - totally powerful and exceeded my expectations. Tina is very professional and knows her stuff, I would totally recommend.

Clare, Dulwich

I visit Tina on a regular basis for reflexology and reiki, she has healing hands and her treatments are wonderful. I have also had a natural facelift massage with Tina, not only was it incredibly relaxing, but at the end of my treatment I felt energised and my face looked like I'd been on holiday, my complexion was glowing! Would highly recommend her. Great prices for incredible treatments. Her gift vouchers are great for an extra special present too.

Kat W, Addiscombe

I have received many reiki treatments from Tina at Head 2 Heal Therapy and cannot praise the experience enough. Every time I left feeling very relaxed yet refreshed at the same time. I had an elbow injury that had been hanging about and I really felt the treatments helped shift energy in the area and help with its journey to repair. I highly recommend Tina and consider her treatments a real investment.

Sally, Woodside

The treatments I had with Tina were always carried out very professionally. I was always made to feel welcome and never rushed. The treatment room was always clean and welcoming. I had a choice of treatments and always found it hard to choose what treatment I wanted next due to how good they were. Tina would always offer great advice and has a ton of knowledge. I would highly recommend Tina for her treatments.

Trina, Addington

I have had beautiful reiki sessions with Tina. She was attentive and empathetic towards me. After each session I felt calm and released of stress. The treatments made me realise that our body does hold onto hurt and emotional pain and reiki does help. I went with a positive mindset and Tina was amazing!

Linda, Addiscombe

A few months after going back to work after maternity leave, body was feeling tense and stiff. I had the most relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage with Tina, who worked on all the knots. That night I slept so well and the next day I felt like a new woman!
Thank you Head 2 Heal Therapies you have healing hands. What a relaxing hour of massage and reflexology. My back certainly needed it. If you want to get rid of those knots in your back, get in touch with Tina she's your lady!

Amy, Catford

A friend recommended Tina to me and I haven't looked back since. I have a very stressful job and having regular massage and reflexology sessions has helped me cope with life's trials. Sessions are professional but yet relaxed and I come away feeling like a new person. I can't recommend Tina highly enough.

Justine, Dulwich

I love getting my massages with Tina, she is an expert at her craft and she not only gives great massages and reflexology but she actually cares about her client's wellbeing and checks in with me before the treatment. I look forward to my monthly sessions with her, I feel totally revitalised!

Roz, South Norwood

Tina is amazing! Her treatments are amazing, she is lovely and her prices are great. I always look forward to my next treatment. Highly recommended.

Kirsten, Addiscombe

I've been visiting Tina for a few weeks now. Last year was not good for me, I fell ill, had to have surgery and it has been a long road back with other complications along the way. I have been frustrated and almost battling myself to get better. With Tina I have had a mix of reflexology and lymphatic drainage and the results have been fantastic. Not just the physical but my overall feeling of inner wellbeing. I'm improving session by session and always leave feeling balanced and calm. I cannot recommend Tina enough!

Kat N, West Wickham

I've been having treatments from Tina for several years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else! From the moment you arrive, Tina makes you feel straight at ease and relaxed in her beautiful treatment room which is private, warm and tranquil. She has always listened to me in depth regards to any issues I may be having and I have never felt rushed whilst being in her clinic. Her treatments literally feel tailor made just for me. For years I had a stiff shoulder which gave me a lot of pain, but after a few Swedish and deep tissue combo treatments the problem seems to have completely disappeared. I now see Tina for wellbeing massages and reiki. Importantly I have never felt any pressure from Tina, or any 'hard sell' to quickly put another date in our diaries. When you are ready again Tina is there for you.

Lisa, Royal Tunbridge Wells

I have been seeing Tina since 2019 for Reflexology to help me recover from cancer treatment. She is such a calm, intuitive and thoughtful therapist and has created a warm, relaxing and safe space, which allows me to forget all my stresses whenever I see her

Lucy, Addiscombe

Tina is a very experienced and attentive complementary therapist. My first consultation with her was very thorough; she was able to gain a full picture of my overall health and could therefore work out how best to treat me. I have had a range of treatments from her over the past few years: her Indian Head Massage is incredibly relaxing contributing to feelings of less stress and putting me into a much calmer state of mind. I have also found her Reflexology particularly beneficial, both treatments I feel have helped me in managing my menopausal symptoms. Seeing her regularly has improved both my physical and emotional wellbeing

Gisella, South Norwood

I have really enjoyed my massage and reflexology treatments with Tina. She is highly skilled in what she does and tailors to the individual person. I really appreciate that before her treatments she goes through a brief summary of my overall wellbeing and adapts her treatments based on what's happening for me during that time. Head 2 Heal Therapies is my go to for massage. I haven't found anything that matches her approach

Josie, Caterham

I visited Tina after having my third c- section for her scarwork therapy. Tina made me feel very comfortable from the start, the environment was very calming and I felt totally relaxed while she worked her magic. Tina always made me feel like she cared just as much about my recovery process as I did, talking me through what she was feeling and explaining what she was doing. After just two sessions with Tina I could already notice a difference in the area, with improved sensation around my scar and how much movement I was getting back along the area. I was finally able to lay face down on my scar without feeling that tight tugging pain, which was just amazing, as she spent time releasing the tissues throughout the abdomen. Tina has made me feel so much happier with my scar, both the feel and appearance. Highly recommended! Thank you Tina x

Sophie, Selsdon

I've had many wonderful massages from Tina, she is so sensitive and respectful, I felt incredibly safe to melt into the massage, benefitting on so many levels.
It is easy to feel totally relaxed when with Tina, she brings empathy and gentle care to the professional treatments she gives in her special therapy room. I always appreciate her warm hospitality and expertise. Thoroughly recommend Tina to anyone

Karin, Addiscombe

I have ongoing problems with sore, tight and stiff shoulders due to stress and was seeing Tina for massage treatment. She mentioned Fascial Release massage to me. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about it, explaining how it worked in easy to understand language. It made a lot of sense so I decided to give it a go. I was initially sceptical as it did not feel that much was happening at first and I was used to (and usually asked for) a hard massage, and this was very different. However, I soon noticed a sense of loosening. The effect of the fascial release massage was amazing – my shoulders felt more relaxed and less sore, with me feeling less stressed overall! I wish I knew about this sooner

Sharlene, Crystal Palace

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