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Pricing & Combo Treatments

My pricing policy is unique - You pay for the length of your treatment session
Scroll down for popular Combo Treatment session ideas

With this unique pricing policy you have a choice of
treatment session lengths lasting for 
1 hour  ~  1.25 hours  ~  1.5 hours  ~  1.75 hours  ~  2 hours 

You can benefit from either a session with a single therapy or a mix and match Combo therapy session, with more than one therapy


Treatment Prices
1 hour treatment £50
1.25 hours treatment £60
1.5 hours treatment £70
1.75 hours treatment £80
2 hours treatment £90

Have a single therapy or a combination of therapies

Gift Voucher Prices

1 hour voucher £50

1.25 hours voucher £60

1.5 hours voucher £70

1.75 hours voucher £80

2 hours voucher £90

The gift voucher holder can decide which therapy or combo therapies they would like to book in for and my

Gift Vouchers have no expiry date


Popular Combo Treatments

Popular Combo Treatments my clients love include:
~ Massage for back, shoulders, neck and head with Reflexology 
~ Reiki with Reflexology 
~ Fascial release with Massage 
~ ScarWork with Reiki 

Please contact me to discuss your unique options for a Combo treatment

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