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I have ongoing problems with sore, tight and stiff shoulders due to stress and was seeing Tina for massage treatment. She mentioned Fascial Release massage to me. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about it, explaining how it worked in easy to understand language. It made a lot of sense so I decided to give it a go. I was initially sceptical as it did not feel that much was happening at first and I was used to (and usually asked for) a hard massage, and this was very different. However, I soon noticed a sense of loosening. The effect of the fascial release massage was amazing – my shoulders felt more relaxed and less sore, with me feeling less stressed overall! I wish I knew about this sooner!
I had surgery back in March 2023 and decided to look into scar massage treatment because I was worried about the  healing and appearance of the scar. After doing some research I came across Tina who I instantly connected with – likely because of her focus on women’s health, which given my physical health difficulties really spoke to me. I enjoyed the massage, on a couple of occasions being so relaxed that I fell asleep!  Early on, I found it difficult to touch and look at my scars.  The process of the massage was immensely helpful for me on an emotional level and helped me to psychologically integrate the scar and see it as part of me. I have no doubt that this was massively due to Tina’s compassionate, gentle and positive approach helping me to reframe how I viewed the scar and my body. Along with the emotional benefits, which I did not anticipate, my scar was flatter and smoother following massages. A year on from surgery, I am very happy with my scar, and I would credit a large part of that to Tina and the treatment and would definitely recommend this scar massage to anyone who wants to promote scar healing physically and emotionally!!

Sharlene, Crystal Palace

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Customer Name: Testimonial
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